Ultimate Ears bulks up the Super.Fi series with the Super.Fi 5, Super.Fi 5vi

If you’re in the market for a pair of excellent in-ears then take a gander at the Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 or Super.Fi 5vis. The latest entries to the Super.Fi series are aimed at the fashion conscience folk, but don’t skimp on the superb audio quality that UE is known for. Top-firing design is a fancy way of describing the single driver that pumps the audio into your noggin across a wide range providing thumping bass, vocals and clear highs. If they’re anything like my Super.Fi 5 Pros then you can’t go wrong. The 5vis have a mic for you folks who use your phone’s music player.

The Super.Fi 5 retails for $170 while the Super.Fi 5vi goes for $190. Look for a review next week.