TeachStreet Expands To San Francisco: Find That Perfect Cooking Class. Or Whatever.

TeachStreet, a Yelp-like service for real world classes (cooking, dog obedience, music lessons, ballroom dance, foreign language, golf, yoga, etc.), just opened its doors in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The site first launched in Seattle, where the company is headquartered, and then expanded to Portland. Their Bay Area expansion adds 65,000 local classes, teachers and schools, and more than doubles their existing 50,000 resources in Seattle and Portland combined.

There are, for example, 442 painting classes, 625 Yoga classes and 567 piano classes in the area. More importantly, TeachStreet tells me there are twelve dog training classes near my home in Atherton.

The company raised $2.25 million in a 2007 financing.