Peek e-mail device adds text messaging and more

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Good news for Peek owners, as the previously e-mail-only service has been upgraded to handle text messaging with the greatest of ease. You’ll simply need to enter your Peek-less friends’ ten digit cell phone numbers (you have those all memorized, right?) into the TO: field of an e-mail message and they’ll receive whatever you type in the body as a text message. Messages sent back to you will show up in your inbox.

This is super good news for people who text all the time but don’t like paying per-message charges, because the Peek service is unlimited so you can text and e-mail all the livelong day. Peek also added a second update in the form of more robust image support. Previously, you’d been limited to viewing just JPEG images but now you can view JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP images.

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