Glam Media's Application Platform Goes Live

Glam Media has launched its application platform, called Glam Apps Atako, to the public. The platform was originally unveiled in July, and has remained in private beta until now.

Each application allows bloggers and site owners to quickly implement new functionality into their sites, with available options for syndicating content, adding rich media, and enhancing posts with comments and polls. At launch available apps include Sphere, BuzzFeed, Meebo, PollDaddy, PicApp, JS-Kit, and Kwanzoo, along with a video delivery widget developed in-house called GlamTV. Glam has also built the platform with monetization in mind, offering an integrated monetization system with built-in support for rev-shares. Built with Google Gadgets, the Glam Platform also supports OpenSocial and OpenID. The platform itself will also be open sourced, says Glam CEO Samir Arora.

These new applications seem to be blog enhancers on the same order as WordPress plugins, without the social functionality seen on application platforms from the likes of Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn. That said, the platform could still be a steady source of revenue for the Glam, as the company will take a portion of the proceeds earned by each app.

There are similarities between the platform and the recently launched SproutMixer, which also lets brands and others build Flash apps/ads for publishers.

Glam Media is a diverse company, offering a network of sites primarily geared towards women (though it recently launched its Brash network for men), as well as an ad network that serves advertising to other blogs and affiliates on its network.

As much as we’ve taken shots at Glam over the last year, I have to say this. They’re aggressive and pushing the envelope with monetization. If you’re a Glam publisher, let us know how that’s working out for you.