Obama may ditch BlackBerry, e-mail entirely when he gets into office


President-elect Obama loves his BlackBerry, apparently. Too bad his electoral victory may prevent him from using it as much as he likes, if at all.

Its like this: as president, all of Obama’s e-mails can be subpoenaed by Congress and courts, should they feel the need to investigate him. So, rather than have his private e-mails dragged through the halls of Congress it’s in his best interests to give it up cold turkey.

That’s right, the TechCrunch-endorsed president-elect may decide to forgo e-mail entirely.

There’s also security concerns: what if Evil Terrorist is somehow tracking Obama’s whereabouts by following his BlackBerry’s scent? It’s that type of James Bond scenario that frightens security personnel.

So, no e-mail (maybe) for Obama, but at least we can look forward to frequent YouTube videos from him.