Finetuna makes picture commenting easier

FineTuna is a rather nifty web app from Irish-based Spoilt Child Design that allows you to upload, comment and share images from around the web. Spoiltchild were also the creators of other web apps such as

So how does FineTuna work? Well, remember that drunken picture of you and that person you don’t know? Upload that image file and FineTuna will present you with a unique URL. This is where the service comes into its own, as you are then presented with the ability to comment on parts of the images. Maybe not the most practical example of what you can do with the service, but the feature set is definitely there to help you along the way.

Not content? Well FineTuna offers up a very handy FireFox add-on. Install and right click on an image, or even an entire browser screenshot. Upload to FineTuna and get the same services as before.

Now there are as many image sharing services on the web as there are fish in the sea. But FinaTuna is one I could actually see myself using. It’s simple, intuitive and an absolute delight to use.

(By Grant Bell, TCUK’s current intern)