EMC Combines Two Acquisitions Into Decho, To Unleash Super Storage Product

EMC Corporation is announcing the creation of a new subsidiary this morning called Decho (for Your Digital Echo), which has been formed from the assets of two acquisitions: Mozy (acquired in September 2007) and PI Corporation (acquired in February 2008).

The new company is focused on protecting and managing personal digital data. It will continue to offer Mozy’s personal backup product and will add new products over time. The Mozy platform, which now stores over 10 petabytes of user data, has over a million users, 200,000 of which are paying customers. We were particularly impressed with its Mac product, first launched in mid-2007.

There isn’t much information on what new applications the company will launch. But if PI Corp. is anything to go on, look for rich metadata and contextual information to be a part of it. PI Corp. was acquired before launching their flagship storage/backup product. But their website suggests they are far more focused on managing, organizing and searching files than simply backing them up – something Mozy never tackled. The combination of the two platforms is more than interesting.