A Sad Day In Silicon Valley

The San Jose Mercury News reports that a 47 year old man named Jing Hua Wu, after being laid off from his job at a fabless digital radio semiconductor startup in Santa Clara called SiPort, came back to the office on Friday afternoon with a gun and killed three people. Sid Agrawal, the company’s CEO, and Brian Pugh, VP Operations, were killed along with one other as yet unidentified woman. Wu is still at large according to the latest reports.

This is obviously a very sad day in Silicon Valley, and our heart goes out to the families of the victims.

The event reminds me of a 1993 shooting at a law firm in San Francisco. I was a summer intern in the legal department of Bank of America, just down the street, and the incident affected the legal community for years afterward. There is no quick or easy way to get past something like this.