Verizon and Photobucket team up for instant photo uploading

Whenever people remember to use that camera on the back of their phone, what do they do with it? Do they go out into the wild and try to capture what Ansel Adams’ work would look like through a crappy VGA sensor? No. They go and take pictures of themselves with the bathroom mirror, or snap a shot of their drunken friends for later uploading and sharing. Recognizing this, Verizon has gone and removed a bit of the kludge from the process, teaming up with to crank out an application for instant photo sharing from VZW handsets.

The application will set you back 3 bucks a month, and is available now through Verizon’s Get It Now catalog. Of course, you could always just use Photobucket’s long available mobile-to-email method and save a couple dollars a month, but I’m sure there are plenty of would-be uploaders out there who might be a bit mystified by anything but a purposed, spoon-fed application.