OpenSocial Turns One: My, How You've Grown!

Update: see the whole State of the Union presentation here.

Today, Google’s OpenSocial application platform is marking its first birthday with an event bringing together some of the platform’s top developers at MySpace’s San Francisco office. In conjunction with the milestone, the OpenSocial team has announced that Google’s Dan Peterson (former product manager of Google Web Toolkit) has been named President of the Board of OpenSocial, with MySpace’s Alan Hurff taking the role of Chairman of the Board.

Since launch, the platform has been deployed by over 7,500 developers and reaches a staggering number of users, with 315 million application installs across social networks including MySpace, Orkut, Bebo, and Hi5 and a total reach of 600 million users. MySpace alone has over 135 million application installs, 40 million users and 4600 applications available in its directory.

MySpace has also launched support for OpenSocial .8, and will implement version .9 once it becomes available next year. The upcoming version makes the platform more accessible to less experienced developers by introducing WYSIWYG editing along with OSML.