Mitsubishi announces a pico projector, but it's not what you think

Such a tease you are, Mitsubishi.

When this hit my inbox I thought it was one of those small pico projectors crammed into a BlackBerry or something like the 3M MPro110, but it’s a 3.3-pound 7.5- x 8.1-inch projector for business types. It’s a DLP type so that’s a plus and it manages to throw a 2200 ANSI lumens 200-inch 1024×768 resolution image with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The XD95U will retail for $1,495.

I love how Mitsubishi says this is an economical choice because it’s filterless and has an estimated 3000-hour lamp life (low mode). But then again we are in a recession.

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