Yahoo Pop Launches To Show Hot Searches

Yahoo’s top searches list and Google Trends are great if all you want is raw data on popular searches (possibly to figure out what content to create on your site).

But Yahoo wants to do more with the data. Nicolas Scafuro, who leads the Yahoo Search Team for Latin America, says that his users want to know what’s popular, and they want to see it with pictures.

They’ve launched Yahoo Pop, a new Spanish-language site that ranks the ten most popular searches by day, month and category and shows pictures associated with each search. The site is available for U.S. Hispanics, Mexico and Argentina.

Pop is a destination site, designed to turn aggregate search data into news. And the appeal of visual results is well established (AOL has experimented with a somewhat related product called Mgnet).

Users can tailor the site’s layout, categories and overall look to create their own “module” of popular searches. Archived data for past days and months is also available..

Will this launch in the English U.S. market? Yahoo’s not saying for now, but they have a recent history of trying out new stuff in other countries before they bring it here. Glue, we’ve heard, may make a U.S. debut sometime soon.