Tapulous Releases One of iPhone's Best Twitter Clients; Online Tap Tap Revenge Goes Live

Prolific iPhone development studio Tapulous has launched a trio of new applications, including an impressive Twitter client that could well become the most-used app on my phone. They’re also releasing a new online multiplayer version of mega-hit Tap Tap Revenge that will likely see the game surge in popularity (again), and have announced that they have hit a total of 3 million users across all of their applications.

The company’s new Twitter client is called Tweetsville (grab it here for $3.99), and was developed by veteran engineer Ed Voas. CEO Bart Decrem says that Voas initially started building the app for himself after becoming dissatisfied with existing Twitter clients, and incorporated a number of key features that make Tweetsville an ideal app for Twitter power-users. The application includes an integrated listing of top trends, advanced search functions, and a streamlined interface that feels much speedier than its competitors. In short, it’s great, and I won’t be surprised if it displaces favorites like Twitterific and Tapulous’s own Twinkle as the premier Twitter client on the iPhone. Decrem says that Twinkle will now focus on connecting people who are close to each other while still functioning as a Twitter client, while Tweetsville will be for hardcore users.

This evening an update to Tap Tap Revenge (an addictive game similar to Guitar Hero) also went live, incorporating online multiplayer that allows players on multiple iPhones to compete over Wi-Fi or 3G. Tapulous’ servers are totally overwhelmed at the moment so I’ve been unable to get into a game, but it’s sure to be a success (though I doubt it will be as fun as in-person multiplayer games). Earlier this month Tapulous also released Nine Inch Nails Revenge, a version of the game that features licensed NIN music and new artwork. Decrem says that the company has been pleased with the results, selling “tens of thousands” of copies at $5 apiece.

Earlier this week the company also released a simple application called Photo Collage that displays pictures taken around the world to a community album (you can also view photos taken by friends and people in your proximity). While fairly basic in terms of features, it is slick and makes for a great diversion.