TroopTube Restores Streaming Video To Our Nation's Finest

Since 2007, the Department of Defense has restricted overseas military personal from accessing a number of popular sites including YouTube and MySpace for reasons largely attributed to bandwidth usage and possible security issues. In honor of Veteran’s Day, Delve Networks has teamed with Military OneSource (a service of the Department of Defense) to launch TroopTube – a YouTube-like site that gives all active-duty military personnel and their families a place to share their videos online.

The site features much of the functionality seen on sites like YouTube or Metacafe, but with one key difference: you won’t be able to embed your clips elsewhere on the net (Military OneSource would like to keep TroopTube somewhat private). The new site is designed for military personnel, but oddly enough it appears that anyone can use the site if they want to (though there doesn’t seem to be any incentive to do so). Either way, the Department of Defense will have full moderation control over what appears on the site, so it will be able to monitor for videos that are potential security risks.

Delve Networks is an online video platform similar to Brightcove and Ooyala, offering developers a set of APIs to help create and manage online video. The platform handles analytics, content delivery, transcoding, and most other key functions through its cloud-based service, though the videos are hosted on TroopTube’s own servers.