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Europe’s biggest annual event for the tech industry is looming once more, and this year Le Web’s regular startup competition – run alongside the conference itself – has attracted 30 companies from Europe, and a few from the US, across a wide range of sectors. This year the overall organisation for the competition is being handled by the Europe-wide early-stage investor SeedCamp.

However, I’m as dissappointed as you guys that there’s only one startup from the UK and none from Ireland, which seems like an amazing oversight. I’ve asked Seedcamp for some comment on this and will update this post when they come back with a response.

Meanwhile, we have 5 free tickets to give away to Le Web, so pitch your case as to why you really need to go to Le Web. I’m particularly after entries from UK and Irish firms.

TechCrunch readers get a 20% discount code via this link. Techcrunch is throwing a closing night party – details about tickets will be announced in due course.

They are (in alphabetical order)…

2Win-Solutions – FRANCE
3scale networks S. L. – SPAIN [TC50 Demopit]
Apture – USA, Inc. – USA
Brozengo SA – FRANCE
Charge Ventures – Malta
Cmune – CHINA
ConTrust – ISRAEL
Haploid – FRANCE
IZI-collecte – FRANCE
Kaltura – USA Certified – FRANCE
Nimbuzz – NETHERLANDS [Reviewed]
Popego Inc. – USA
Producteev Inc. – USA
Publing – FRANCE
Radionomy – BELGIUM [Reviewed]
Samedi GmbH – GERMANY
ShoutEm Ltd. – CROATIA
Silentale SAS – FRANCE
SquareClock – FRANCE [Reviewed]
Tellmewhere – FRANCE
Trendiction – LUXEMBURG
Viewdle, Inc – UKRAINE [Reviewed]
Zipipop Ltd (Zipiko) – FINLAND
Zoover Holiday Reviews – NETHERLANDS

The companies get 7 minutes each to pitch to the judges on the day. There’s also a new element – a special Start-up Competitors’ Lounge where companies will have a chance to informally network with interested parties. Here’s how they were selected.

The judges who will be judging the competition at the actual event will be:

Ola Ahlvahrsson – Result
Roberto Bonanzinga – Balderton Capital
Mike Butcher – TechCrunchUK
Laurent Chiozotto – Sun Microsystems
Julien Codorniou – Microsoft
Don Dodge – Microsoft
David Hornik –August Capital
Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet – Price Minister
Simon Levene – Accel Partners
Om Malik – GigaOM
Dave McClure – 500Hats
Freddy Mini – Netvibes
Marc Samwer – European Founders Fund
Axel Schmiegelow – Sevenload
Gary Shainberg – British Telecom
Megan Smith – Google
Pascal Thomas – Orange
Martin Varsavsky – FON

  • Kai

    two “build your own website” startups…

  • Nicolas

    Where can we pitch for the 5 tickets?!

  • Grace

    Yeah Mike, where can we pitch??

    Anyways heres my pitch:

    Feisty female Web 2.0 startup founder with more sense than money and less time to launch date than I did yesterday requires 1 free ticket to Le Web 2.0. Willing to wear signage saying Im from UK ( keep the numbers up) but more importantly will give me opportunity to leave flat for first time in three months.

  • Pieter Oonk

    Seems a bit slanted towards Continental Europe alright..

    No Location startups in the list at all so I think Locle should get a ticket to fly the flag for the UK and Ireland-based LBS startups.

    Also, Paris in winter-time is lovely, I hear.

  • Shak

    Le Web Rocks, kinda seperates the men from the boys (and the Ladies from the girls), however DO bring an umbrella and expect NOT to be able to ever get a taxi …

  • stArk

    Hi Mike, thank you for this opportunity to win a ticket.

    I’d just create my company, I’m a UI designer and ergonomist.
    The ticket price is too expensive for me. It’s not reasonable due to the begining of my business.

    I’m working, in freelance, on which has been selected for startups contest ! It would be a great moment if I’ll be there during the result of the contest !

    I know I’m french but I’m very motivated :)

    Thx a bunch

    I really want to go to LeWeb8 but the ticket is too expensive for

  • Jennie

    I’d be really interested to see the proportion of applying companies from each country versus the number that got selected. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look too representative.

    As to LeWeb – I’d already given up after seeing the horrific ticket price. When you’re bootstrapping from nothing as I am — especially in the current climate — it’s a luxury out of many startups’ reach.

    Maybe others, like me, didn’t even bother entering the startup competition since winners still have to pay a fairly steep price to go. I’ve a great admiration for Loic and his team and know *why* the prices are high, but that doesn’t make my budget any larger.

    I’d love to actually attend rather than sitting at home reading commentary online, and although I can’t tick the Irish box, I’m a half-Welsh Englishwoman living in Scotland so I think I have the UK fairly well covered. After all, following blog posts and tweets doesn’t even come close to the experience of being there; the networking opportunities, the inspiration and feeling like part of a huge community — something that can be really lacking when you’re starting out by yourself. Plus, there’s the parties…

  • Jason Grimmitt

    I would love the chance to be able to attend Le Web to be able to gain all the valuable experience and information that is offered here. As are very close to releasing the new Beta Version it would be fantastic to meet companies and experts here on how to promote our product and become part of the community. We’re very poor, please help us Mike :)

  • Grace

    Ouch, competition is hotting up on here..better step up my game.

    For the record, I would like to add that I am also: VERY VERY POOR! and I’ve lived in London, Coventry and Hull( noone else has been there) so I too, have the UK well covered. Have also been to various points of interest in the UK…willing to provide a list.

  • Sam Mathews

    I also looked into the ticket price of this and shied away!

    I am the founder of a bootstrapped start up as well, which launched in JULY in the gaming space, we are currently going through a process of change and planning our (ideally amazing ?) relaunch early next year .

    With the current climate for raising money we have halved our burn rate to make the money last.. which unfortunately struck this event, and events like it off the table! I’ve always wanted to head to Le Web to get a chance learn from the greatest minds in the game, but also to connect with potential business partners which might help our relaunch next year.

    I’m flying the UK flag as high as can be and will seek out the first round of PINTS in paris, just moved to London since this is where its at and it would be a dream to head to this. (If it helps I can speak a liiitlle francais to!)

    Cheers Sam!

  • Matthew Rudy Jacobs

    Dear Mike,
    I’d like to go to Le Web.

    I’m a 25 year old Ruby developer, based in St Albans in Hertfordshire.
    I’ve sat around working as a developer for other people for the last few years, but now is the time when I want to explore my entrepreneurial side.

    I just got a few extra holiday days to take from my current job at,
    and heading to Paris to see the LeMeur’s talking about love and the internet sounds like a great way to spend those few days.

    Looking forward to it!

  • stewart townsend

    Sun Startup Essentials and Orange are sponsoring the startup competition and for any SSE member, we have discounted tickets as well…..

  • Remote Support for Tellmewhere

    Among all those startups, the only one I use consistently is tellmewhere, their technology rocks. I use them to find cool places around where I am (or recommend cool places to others), it’s really nice, you can also embed their widget into your blog or web site, which I did for my company’s about page.

  • Mike Butcher

    Ok, I’m happy to report that the winner’s of the 5 tickets are:

    Sam Mathews -UGame
    Jason Grimmitt – iDesktopTV
    Pieter Oonk – Locle

    Please email me to collect your tickets guys. (No further entries will be considered).

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