Optoma and Apple to launch DLP Pico projector in Japan

Optoma is planning to sell its DLP projector Pico in Nippon starting December 1st. The Apple store will offer the device exclusively until December 19th.

Optoma has unveiled the projector this summer and the specs remain unchanged:

– size: 0.67x2x4.1 inches, weight: 120 grams
– brightness: 10 lumens
– aspect ratio: 4:3
– resolution: 480×320
– contrast ratio: 1,000:1
– speaker: 0.5W
– battery life: about 2 hours

The projector is able to produce images of around 60 inches and will cost $510 (including an iPhone/iPod kit and connector when bought in an Apple store). It’s unknown at this point when and at what price the device will be offered outside Japan.