Blockbuster shouts, "Me too!" with plans to release movie-streaming set-top box

This is the perfect time for Blockbuster to jump into the niche market of video streaming devices – seriously. We already have TiVo, Vudu, Roku, LG Blu-ray player, Samsung Blu-ray player, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Dish Network and cable’s On-Demand service (miss any?) so why not add another option for consumers. Blockbuster is looking to pop-out a similar streaming set-top box as soon as this holiday season and with all kidding aside, this streamer might have chance.

Blockbuster has an edge of Netflix due to the thousands of retail stores where this streamer could be demo’d. Sure, Best Buy, and maybe even Wal-Mart, might show-off one of the aforementioned devices but to an audience not particular interested in renting movies. Where peeps in a Blockbuster location are there to rent a movie and might pay more attention to the sales pitch.

Sure, it might be late to the party but as long as Blockbusters streamer is for little cost and is easy to use, I dare say it will be more successful than any dedicated streamer to date.