Adknowledge On Acquisition Spree, Buys Lookery's Advertising Business

After announcing the acquisition of Adonomics earlier this week, online advertising company Adknowledge lets us know that they’ve bought Lookery‘s ad serving business to be integrated into its other daughter company, Cubics (which it acquired in December 2007). The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

From the announcement:

Lookery has been seeking a company to acquire its ad serving business that is able to both provide you with the same or higher payouts that you are currently receiving and provide the same level of service that you have come to expect from Lookery.

The way this is written, as well as the fact that the terms of the acquisition have not been shared, suggests this was a rather small deal. Lookery raised a total of $3.15 million in funding, mostly from angel investors. We have an e-mail in with co-founder and CEO Scott Rafer for more information about the acquisition. (update: he got back, had nothing to add about the terms except to say the deal was in fact quite small in size)

Last we’ve written about Lookery, was that they were lowering guarantees for application developers to 7.5 cents per thousand ad impressions (CPMs). At the beginning of this year, that guarantee was 12.5 cents / CPM. Anyone still think monetizing social networks isn’t tough?

Cubics and Lookery say that nothing will change for app developers using Lookery’s ad network, and that the Lookery Guaranteed CPM program will continue for all participants. Lookery initially started as a Facebook ad network, but has since branched out and is now focused on collecting anonymized demograhic data about sites around the web. The company then sells this information to ad networks in order to help them target ads, a business which it is continuing.

Adknowledge / Cubics claims to be the largest social ad network, and that buying Lookery’s advertising business enables them to display over 10 billion impressions per month on social networking sites. Looking at the number of monthly impressions Lookery boasts on its website (3 billion), that means that the acquisition has made Cubics’ inventory 1/3 larger in size.