VOID watch looks into us

This $185 watch from a Swedish designer incorporate all the class of a 1970s Casio with the existential angst of the endless Northern winters.

The watch is available online at Etsy and come in limited runs of 500. They ship from Hong Kong, where David lives.

VOID Watches is a new, independent boutique watch brand launched in 2008 by Swedish designer David Ericsson. The aim of VOID Watches is to create modern time pieces to be used every day by modern creative individuals all over the world.

First out is the V.01 with it’s delicately proportioned half glass, half stainless steel front that could represent the duality of life; like the yin and yang, the past and future, love and hate, right or wrong. There is always an intriguing force within these contrasts and since the decisions you make are often related to time, the V.01 serves as a reminder, that even if the world is not black and white, there will always be choices to make.

I actually like little boutique efforts like this. Making a watch is hard work so your best bet is to create something staid and cool and inexpesive rather than invest your time and money into some beastly timepiece that looks like a train wreck.

via Technabob