How To Make Your Video Go Viral: Become President

While Barack Obama had a lot of success spreading his message virally on the Web before he was elected president, his victory speech is on its way to becoming one of the fastest-spreading viral videos of all time. The official campaign version of the video on YouTube (embedded below) alone has been watched 1.9 million times in the past two days. But more than 500 different versions and clips of the speech have spread across the Web and been watched more than 6.8 million times.

According to Visible Measures, which tracks video views across YouTube and more than 150 other video-sharing sites, by 11 AM ET on November 5, there were 100 versions of the video that had been watched 620,000 times. By 5:30 PM, the number had grown to 2.2 million views across 160 different videos. By 11:30 PM, it was 4.9 million views across 250 videos. Finally, at 9:30 AM this morning it was 6.8 million views across 500 videos. (These numbers are charted above. They do not include any livestreams or views on the sites of the broadcast networks except for, so this is just a subset of the total views of the speech).

When big, historic events happen, people are increasingly going to turn to the Web to watch it. Just look at the interactive chart below from TubeMogul, which shows the daily views on YouTube of official Obama and McCain videos. The Obama’s campaign always did a good job spreading its message through YouTube, but daily views were typically under half a million. On Election Day, that number rose to 3 million, and then kept on spiking the day after to 3.9 million, largely pushed by views of the victory speech.

More people watched the speech live on TV than they have so far on the Web (60 million households, according to Nielsen’s), but the Web is where events resonate and grow. At this rate, it won’t take long will it take for the Web video numbers to eclipse the TV numbers.

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