Duracell battery tells you how to jumpstart your car

According to a Xantrex Technology Inc. Survey, 71%of American travelers do not have an emergency preparedness kit in their vehicle, and only 11% have an independent jump-start solution that does not require another vehicle’s assistance.  Notably absent is the number of American drivers, like me, that have jumper cables but don’t have any idea how to use them properly.

The Duracell PowerPack 450 with Voice offers a unique twist on the standard portable power source: it tells you what to do.

[T]he step-by-step usage instructions walk you through what to do to jumpstart your car or use the air compressor to inflate a tire.

Seems like a pretty good idea, no?

The Duracell® Powerpack 450 is a stand-alone source of portable power for AC, DC and USB-powered electronics such as a laptop, cordless or cell phone, GPS, lamp, portable light, small tool and small appliance. Simply connect your devices to the Powerpack 450 and its voice technology automatically tells you the estimated runtime for each device.

That’s a pretty handy feature.  Also handy is the inclusion of USB ports on the face, so you don’t need to hunt for the special AC adapter cable for your various gadgets. Available now for about $150.