Video: CNN's 3D hologram looks sorta weird (but that's OK)

As Señor Arrington alluded to, CNN rolled out its 3D hologram-thing during its election coverage last night.

Thirty-five HD cameras are filming the reporter, Jessica Yellin, which then send the images back to producers in New York. The technology was developed by these guys. (CNN’s “Magic Wall,” if you’re interested, was developed by a company called Perceptive Pixel, which was founded by Jeff Han, the same Jeff Han from that famous YouTube video. Reminds you of the movie Minority Report, right?)

Does it look neat? Sure, why not? But as for as disseminating information to the viewers, I don’t see how this is any more useful than speaking to someone on the telephone or via satellite link. I also can’t imagine how much money the gimmick cost CNN.

But hats off to CNN for making those dull fly-over state results a little more interesting.*

(That’s a joke, people!)

via Wonkette