MySpace To Distribute Ashton Kutcher's Blah Girls

When Ashton Kutcher launched his animated show Blah Girls at TechCrunch50 earlier this year, he ran into MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe in the hallways. DeWolfe expressed interest in the show. Fast forward two months, and Blah Girls now has a distribution deal with MySpaceTV, which had 51 million unique video streams in August (Comscore).

The show features the adventures of three gossip queen teenagers – Tiffany, Britney and Krystle. They talk about pop culture issues of the day in episodes ranging from 45 seconds to two minutes. Season One is now up on MySpaceTV.

Kutcher talked about syndicating the show to a cable television network at TechCrunch50. We assume those negotiations are still up in the air.