Lazy Publishers Rejoice: Get Your Content From Pluck On Demand

Demand Media launches Pluck on Demand tonight – a new service that will add contextually relevant content to publishing websites via an easy to use widget. In other words, if you don’t have enough content, Pluck on Demand will add appropriate stuff to your site for you.

Pluck on Demand is similar to Blogburst, a product launched in 2006 that brought blog content to larger media sites. But it’s also much different than BlogBurst.

First, content is matched contextually with Pluck on Demand, meaning the service indexes a website’s content in real time and matches it to content from the network. Blogburst matched content based only on metadata about the content, not the content itself. Also, Pluck on Demand pulls content from both blogs as well as more evergreen content on Demand Media and third party sites like eHow and Encyclopedia Britannica.

Second, Pluck on Demand is widget based and much easier to implement than Blogburst. Pluck on Demand users can add widgets that show interesting content in summarized form, a widget to show full articles that are clicked on, a widget for user comments and another widget to show browsing/search results.

Third, revenue flows with the content. Demand places ads from third party networks into the content. The publisher gets 50% of net revenue. The content creator gets 30%, and Demand keeps the remaining 20%.

To see it in action, click here. The “More on this topic” area on the right is powered by Pluck on Demand. This page shows a full article along with user comments.