USB tethering now possible with the T-Mobile G1

We should probably stress that that the keyword in the headline up above is “possible”. While some crafty gents over at the Tmo News Forums have cranked out a way to let you use the T-Mobile G1 as a USB modem, it’s not exactly the simplest tethering solution we’ve ever seen. Flip some options, install the SDK, install an application on the device, move stuff around, change proxy settings, make brownies, fight crime, play Beethoven’s 9th backwards; it’s pretty deep.

That said, mobile broadband is the best thing ever made, ever. (Ever.) While the first solution for squeezing some broadband juice out of the G1 may not be optimal, everything has to start somewhere. If you’ve got a G1, are in a 3G zone (though it reportedly works with EDGE, if you’re a masochist), and have some time to tinker, give it a shot and let us know how it works.

[Via jkOnTheRun]