Trackstar 6000 USB racing setup for serious drivers


If you really, really like racing games, you could plunk down a couple hundred bucks for a good wheel and pedal set made of plastic and rubber or you could really let everyone know that you’re serious with one of these Trackstar 6000 sets.

It’s probably closer to the steering wheel and pedals in your actual car than anything else, as the wheel features fluid damped steering and cam and ball bearing something-or-other. Resistance is provided by spring tension, so I’m guessing this feels pretty close to driving on a real road. It’s all wrapped up with a USB connection for your PC so you can play Hard Drivin’ or Need For Speed: Miles Per Gallon or whatever the cool racing games are nowadays.

There are three sets available, running from $989 to $1398 depending on how big your pee-pee is serious you are about racing simulators.

[via Red Ferret]