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I figured I was over-due with a heads-up on upcoming events that are of note, so here’s a brief run-down below. If you want to “get into” the UK tech scene then you would be well advised to go to as many of these events as you can. (At least, that’s what I usually say to people who ask me such questions). Also check out the TCUK group on Upcoming for the regular fixtures and add your events to the feed if relevant (here’s why we do this).

PLEASE NOTE: TechCrunch UK will be running a “TechCrunchTalk” event on December 16th. Similar to the event we ran during Seedcamp week recently, we’ll be running some panels and startup pitches, as well as a networking party in the evening. If you are a startup and would like to pitch at the event then please contact editorial. Coverage of the event will appear on TechCrunch.com (which now has over a million daily readers) as well as TechCrunch UK. Startups pitches will be selected on an editorial basis only. If you are interested in hearing about sponsor packages, please contact our events and and sponsorship person Petra Johansson.

Secrets from Silicon Valley is a one-off fire-side chat with Sarah Lacy, author of “Once you’re lucky twice you’re good”. Well worth attending for an insider’s view of Silicon Valley.

• Ultra Light Start-Ups London London is a brand new event inspired by a US event of the same name.

• Mashup Demo is a pitch event for startups. You will only see pitches from startups who have paid £500 £200 (or £100 “for very early-stage startup”, thoguh that’s undefined) for a 5 min pitch. For what it’s worth, TechCrunch UK events will never run pay-to-pitch events and all startups are selected by TCUK editorial on merit only. Just so that’s clear.

Chinwag Live: MoSo Rising should be interesting on location based services.

• Future of Mobile – and get the TechCrunch discount with the code TECHC20

If you want to check out some of the more regular UK networking events, try DrinkTank (filtered guest list), MiniBar (developers/startups), Open Coffee (entrepreneurs/investors), Bootlaw (for startup legal advice), Northern Startup 2.0 (northern UK startups, OpenSoho (for media/tech in Soho, London), Silicon Stilettos (excellent new event for business women in tech), Geek Dinners (what it says) and Girl Geek Dinners (what it says), Mobile Mondays (mobile 2.0), Swedish Beers (mobile), London Hacker Meetup, Virtual World’s Salon, Mobile Geeks of London, London CloudCamp (cloud computing), Silicon West (South West London Startups), Facebook Developer Garage and all the other ones I’ve probably now forgotten and offended, sorry!

  • http://www.tipped.co.uk/ Charles

    nice roundup Mike although ‘wot not Tuttle Club’!


  • http://uk.techcrunch.com Mike Butcher

    Tuttle Club is great but these days it is predominantly about the business of social media and surrounding issues/debates/consultancies. It’s not a pure-bred event for startups these days. That’s not meant to sound derogatory it’s just a statement of reality.

  • http://mashupevent.com Simon Grice


    Thanks for the link to mashup* Demo – a few points of clarification:

    1) mashup* demo is for all types of companies – large, growing and startups (over 30 companies have particiapted as a demo company at the 3 dedicated events we’ve held to date). Typically the ‘audience’ is a mix of executives, investors & entrepreneurs.

    2) The fee is £200 (or £100 for very early-stage startup).
    Each demo company gets up to 5 mins on stage to demo their service and a dedicated stand during the evening with wifi. They also get a level of awareness building prior to and following the event.

    The £500 fee you mention is for mashup* Showcase Membership – this provides a startup, growing business or large corporate with the ability to demo at up to 4 mashup* events (demo and/or evening) per year and Personal Membership for 2 employees so they can attend all planned mashup* events, workshops, breakfasts and dinners during 2009 at no additional cost.

    More information on that can be found here: http://issuu.com/mashupevent/docs/mashupshowcase

    Could you update your post to ensure clarity – thanks.

    Best regards,
    Simon Grice

  • http://icanhaz.com/knot Andrew Lim

    …and Knot 2009, possibly the best UK tech event ever ;) – http://icanhaz.com/knot

  • http://uk.techcrunch.com Mike Butcher

    @Simon – That’s not what I was told by the several startups who told me about the Mashup fees, however, happy to clarify the post.

  • http://blogs.sun.com/startups stewart townsend


    Startup Essentials meetup, aimed at technical and commercial audience,you tell me what you want, I provide the speakers, location, beer and pizza as well.

    Watch out for 27th November as well, Make IT Scale series kicks off, with last.fm and fav.or.it talking about how they scaled their companies.

    And dont worry Mike not offended, that many events on all over the place….

  • http://mashupevent.com Simon Grice

    Thanks Mike.

    See you soon.


  • http://whatleydude.com James Whatley

    Thanks, as ever for your support of Mobile Geeks of London Mike.
    Hope to see you at the next one on November 26th



  • Robert Loch

    Excellent post!

  • http://www.crnchd.com/blog/?p=27 Yet more meetups

    […] Yet more meetups Filed in General on Nov.04, 2008 If I’d only waited a few days before compiling my list of “startup meetups”, then I could have just borrowed a ready made list from Techcrunch UK – see http://uk.techcrunch.com/2008/11/03/upcoming-startup-events-and-a-techcrunch-uk-eventparty/ […]

  • http://www.thenextwomen.com simone brummelhuis

    Hi Mike, Glad to let you know that the Female Internet Heroes event at December 3, 2008 in LONDON is announced today on our site. We’ll send you press release shortly but her is the link: http://thenextwomen.com/events/
    So for women interested to pitch their startups, they can contact me trough the site.

  • http://www.cubicgarden.com/blojsom/blog/cubicgarden/?flavor=atom Ian Forrester

    Details of the Backstage Christmas Party are just around the corner now. The date is set for Saturday 13th Dec, so look out for details next week. Hope you add a entry or maybe add to the current entry?

  • Kalvir Sandhu

    I love these posts that you do Mike. For those interested in Social Innovation, there is a new meetup every month in london held by the SICamp guys:

    Tech For Good

    London, GB
    1,153 #TechforGood members

    We started with  in 2008 with Social Innovation Camp, an innovation programme and competition to find new ways of using technology to work on stuff that matters.We bring toge…

    Next Meetup

    Come to the next #techforgood meet up!

    Monday, Nov 10, 2014, 6:30 PM
    100 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →

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