Today in CG Comments: I am become Death, the buyer of Chanel

ML Smith of some weird blogs commented on our pithy commentary between Audrina and Audrina’s co-worker on The Hills describing the Large Hadron Collider. Instead of a reasoned debate about the relative merits of Audrina vs. Heidi we were privy to long-winded commentary on Nagasaki and the potential for a second “Big Bang.” A short snippet:

ML Smith

Perhaps I have become obsessed with the subject, but ever since I learned of the Hadron Particle Accelerator, a 16.8 mile underground proton racetrack that will collide these particles at near light speed, I have worried. The scientists say the experiment may reveal a miniature replica of the universe as it appeared a trillionth of a second after the “Big Bang.” I am all for it, but what, I ask you, happens if there is a mistake?

I began to do some research on the Web. I found this.

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