Review: Tokyoflash Tibida Watch

I’ve always had a thing for Tokyo Flash, but it’s always been from a distance. She was so alluring and yet so perplexing. I was awed and mystified. We’ve finally gotten together with the new Tibida. The best thing is how she looks on my arm, sleek and dark. When people see her, it’s all ‘wow’ and ‘cool’ and ‘how much did she cost you?’ She’s bright, much brighter than I thought she’d be. Staring at her one can’t help but be blinded by her blue-ish white radiance.

Now with the Tibida, I’m starting to understand her. We mostly communicate in minute mode. That is where she displays the hours as dots across the top, but spells out the minutes as numerals using her 30 LED dislplay on the bottom.

A few times, we’ve gone to hour, the mode that displays the hours as numerals and one dot along the top for each 5 minutes past the hour (as shown above, ~2:35). Binary mode is still like a foreign language. I’m learning. I’ll be ready one day. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but someday, soon.

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