Lingerie has built-in GPS: Safety measure or unnecessary spying?


Leave it to the Daily Mail to bring this controversy to light. What is it all about, you ask? A Brazilian designer has created lingerie that has built-in GPS. This has caused women’s rights groups to freak out, alleging that that the designer has created nothing more than a modern day chastity belt. Since it has built-in GPS, men—husbands and boyfriends—theoretically will know where you, the wearer, are at all times.

Granted, this could be used for tabs-keeping, but the designer also suggests that it could be used for women’s safety, calling it a potential “lifesaver.”

The biggest strike against the lingerie might just be the price. At around $800, you wonder just how many of these will be sold. Actually, “wonder” is a bit strong: no one actually cares, but it’s fun-ish to ponder.

Fodder for an intro to women’s lib class? One can dream.