The lonely kiosk that's a part of Microsoft's $300 million ad campaign


We’re seeing more and more of what $300 million buys you—“you” being Microsoft and $300 million being its recently beefed up ad budget.

So, to the point: what does it buy you? In addition to the unfairly panned—though we like them, for the record—Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld commercials, it also buys you a small kiosk outside English Apple retail stores. The kiosk, emblazoned with Microsoft logos and, strangely, Deepak Chopra (is Mr. Chopra hip?), sits outside the store, waiting for passersby to say, what, exactly? Yeah, down with Apple!

Apparently Microsoft staffers are on hand to promote the company’s message. (Hopefully it’s not the same message as “Wait for Widows 7.”) You’re invited to upload photos and videos showing how you, too, are a PC. Spreadsheets and pie charts a-plenty, I suspect.