"Etch" a design on a Moleskine notebook

Yes, I know you have one. It’s okay, I have one too. Difference is, I don’t write sissy poetry in it and do weak sketches of girls I’ll never talk to — like you do. Anyway, I’ve always been deathly afraid that, considering how ubiquitous the little notebooks are, if two or more are in one place it’d be extremely easy to accidentally switch them. And you can imagine how embarrassing that could be. For you, not me; mine’s filled with manly stuff like drawings of knights fighting ninjas. So to avoid confusion, why not personalize yours on the outside?

This guy had the great idea to permanently impress a monogram on his moleskine, and I think it really is as easy as cutting out a shape in some plywood and pressing it and the notebook together under some weight for half an hour. I think you need a pretty precise saw (read: laser) to make something pretty (as a gift for instance), but a bandsaw should be sufficient to make your initials in block letters.
[via MAKE]