Is Owen Van Natta The New CEO Of Project Playlist? And Further Rumors.

Project Playlist sure is on our radar lately. The service, which lets users search for music on the web and build embeddable playlists, has 9.3 million unique monthly visitors and a whopping 822 million monthly page views according to Comscore.

But the company has been acting very strangely. First, the service has been down since at least Monday along with the message “We are doing some upgrades. We will be back online shortly.” Not a good sign for a company that’s generating roughly 30 million daily page views when its live.

We’ve heard rumors of a big financing, but they’re also in the middle of RIAA litigation which will likely suck any capital out of the company for royalty licensing fees.

We’ve heard rumors that ex-facebook Chief Revenue Officer Owen Van Natta is the company’s new CEO (and have confirmed that he was “highly interested” in the job as of a week ago). Company employees are boasting they have a new ex-Facebook CEO, so putting 2 and 2 together…

So why isn’t the company talking? They aren’t responding to press inquiries, and Van Natta is silent as well.

RIAA litigation. A dead site. Funding rumors. Big name CEO hire. What’s going on? Hello?