Homestar Extra: Sega Toys' Homestar Planetarium gets an upgrade

Sega Toys Japan introduced a mini planetarium for bathrooms in June (available for people living outside Nippon here) and now updates its super-successful home planetarium series with the Homestar Extra [JP, PDF], which was unveiled today.

Sized at 240×246×282mm (the biggest model to date), the new planetarium is designed for use in living rooms. It produces a simulation of a starry sky (projection scope: 3 meters with a recommended projection distance of about 2 meters).

Using a high-luminance LED as a lighting source, Sega Toys claims you will be able to see around 120,000 different stars.

The Homestar Extra will be available in Japan at the end of December (price: $600). As it will probably be Nippon-only, I would recommend emailing this English shop to ask whether it’s considering to list the device.