DS/DSi incompatibilities? Inconceivable, says Nintendo

A DS developer, who shall remain nameless, has encountered an issue that seems odd to them. A game they are developing on works flawlessly on their DS test hardware, but crashes regularly on DSi hardware. B-but, Nintendo said “All DS titles are compatible with DSi, with the exception of those that require use of the GBA slot”! Yes, and they’re sticking to that. Unfortunately, that means no support for the poor buggers (or debuggers, I suppose) who are trying to suss out the problem with the new gear.

If a problem popped up so quickly on the radar, it doesn’t seem so unlikely that the DSi may have trouble with extant cartridges; I’m sure they designed it for compatibility, but who knows what effect the minor architecture changes and firmware tweaks have had. I’m skeptical of the DSi’s benefits anyhow, and Lites are about to drop to ridiculous prices, so I’d say buy one of those instead. Or better yet, a Super Nintendo.
[via Kotaku]