TVeez Renamed To Odysii, Sets Sights On U.S. Market

TVeez, a company that specializes in marketing and onsite digital advertising, has rebranded itself and will now be known as Odysii. In conjunction with the name change, the company has also confirmed reports that it has received $15 million in a round led by Benchmark Capital and Giza Ventures, as was reported back in April.

Odysii says that the funding will be used to help expand into the U.S. market. The company has established a headquarters in New York, and brought on Jeff Gattis (formerly Director of Project Management for Microsoft Surface) to head U.S. Operations. Odysii already has a global reach, with projects in a reported 25 countries and customers including McDonald’s, Blockbuster, and HSBC.

Odysii specializes in onsite digital signage – the display screens you often see in malls, retail stores, hotels, and banks that offer promotions and other information. While many retailers simply rely on a video loop or static image for these signs, Odysii’s systems will dynamically update the displays according to real time data taken from within the store. For example, a sign in a supermarket could promote food items that the store had an excess of – all the while monitoring the store’s Point of Sales system to see how inventory was being affected and if a new product should be displayed.