NuConomy Studio Leaves Private Beta, Aims To Redefine Web Analytics

NuConomy has released a its Studio product today, a collection of free tools aimed to bring next-generation web analytics that move away from the traditional model based on page views. When it was still in private beta, we wrote that Nuconomy was approaching analytics in a new way to try to put more meaning into the data that is thrown back at users, meaning that in many ways it will be more useful than even those hugely expensive alternatives.

The tool set is designed specifically for publishers, advertisers and users to better understand and engage with the social web. The platform boasts a data mining engine which continually monitors every aspect of site traffic and user behaviors and automatically highlights the most important things for companies to act on. The main goal is to make web analytics reporting proactive and shorten the time between aggregating and analyzing data, drawing conclusions and taking actions based on the collective intelligence.

NuConomy’s innovative metrics measure the social elements of digital media, including Flash, AJAX, and Silverlight applications, along with page views, unique visitors, and other traditional metrics. NuConomy also features a two-way API that dynamically changes sites based on current metrics and insights, including the ability to show ads or push specific content relevant to a user’s interests.

NuConomy was founded in 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel and is now headquartered in San Francisco, California. Its executive team is comprised of former Microsoft and Google leaders. NuConomy raised a $300k seed round in April 2007 from Yossi Vardi, Shlomo Nehama and Uzi Tzuker, and later completed its A Round financing in 2008 from WPP Group.