Netviewer Scores $9 Million From T-Online Venture And The Samwer Brothers

T-Online Venture and the European Founders Fund (the investment vehicle of the infamous Samwer brothers who recently invested in Facebook) have invested a total of €7 million or nearly $9 million in Netviewer, a provider of web-based collaboration and communication software.

Netviewer has been developing solutions for internet-based collaboration since 2001. The company already has subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, Great Britain, the US, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy, and Sweden, but the press release cites further international expansion as the main driver for the additional fundraising. Netviewer is also moving into the area of interactive Web TV, combining real-time desktop sharing with video.

Netviewer has raised €9 million (which equals about $11.5 million based on current exchange rates) in September 2007 from Invision Private Equity and TVM Capital. Invision’s director Marco Martelli is quoted for having invested in the company in 2005 and 2006, but we’ve been unable to find detailed information about the amount of funding the company has raised in total.

There’s a slew of companies in this space, including Cisco-owned WebEx,, Central Desktop and Ximdesk.