Glassdoor Raises Another $6.5 Million For Company And Salary Review Community

Glassdoor has added another $6.5 Million to its war chest, thanks to a Series B funding round led by Sutter Hill Ventures. Jim White, managing director of the venture firm will assume a seat on the company’s board of directors.

Initial seed funding for Glassdoor was provided in 2007 by its co-founders Hohman, Tim Besse and Richard Barton. The startup remained in stealth mode before picking up $3 Million in Series A funding from Benchmark Capital last March (they’ve also participated in this round), and ultimately launched in the beginning of June.

Glassdoor enables anyone to find and share real-time reviews, ratings and salary details about specific jobs for specific employers, free of charge and anonymously. A quick glance at the traffic stats shows that the site had a dip after the momentum of its public launch, but is now headed in the right direction. Glassdoor claims it has received 115,000 contributions for 14,000 companies across a wide section of global industries to date. CEO Robert Hohman told the NY Times that many of the site’s visitors are starting their travels at other online job boards and end up at to look for ratings and reviews before making a decision.

With the economy in a downturn, man who have been laid off in the past few weeks might want to take the time to join the Glassdoor community in search for the right new employer.