SmartFlicks brings NetFlix to Blackberry by way of the new API

Got a bit of time between your big business emails and your big business texts? Why not manage your NetFlix queue? Utilizing the NetFlix API made available to developers just last month, Pyxis Mobile has released SmartFlicks, a NetFlix app for your BlackBerry.

The application was built partly as a demonstration of Pyxis Mobile’s Application Studio, and was “designed and delivered by creative, forward thinking teams of technology, business and marketing experts in under 24 hours.”

One of the more unique aspects of Pyxis’ approach is that the application is rebuilt on the device at launch. To the end-user, this just means no more manual updates; if something has changed, just log out and log back in.

Feature-wise, it’s already fairly polished. From day one, the application let you peruse the NetFlix library, manage your queue, and get your fix of movie and entertainment news. Since then, they’ve added movie synopsis and enhanced recommendations to the mix.

For the always welcome cost of free, it’s worth checking out.