Poor timing: Samsung S9402 dual-SIM ‘luxury’ phone


The luxury phone market must be absolutely screaming as we await the collapse of civilization and begin our rapid descent into barbarism—using Windows PCs because they’re cheaper than Macs. That’s the only way to explain why Samsung is coming out with the S9402 DuoS, a “luxury” cellphone that has two SIM cards. (Two-SIM phones are marketed like, “What if you’re a business traveler and want to keep your home SIM and pick up a local SIM for a few days? Why carry two phones when you can have both SIMs in one phone?”) This tri-band (on the main SIM) GSM candybar has a 5-megapixel camera, a 2-inch display, built in FM radio, etc. That is to say there’s nothing you’ll be surprised about here.

Well, the lack of 3G on a “luxury” phone is surprising, but my guess is that the people looking forward to the release of such a phone have no idea what 3G is.

Save your money. That, or invest in Campbell’s Soup and can openers.

via Unwired View