iPods, Asus EEE PCs coming to Toys 'R' Us

Sometime in the coming weeks Toys ‘R’ Us is going to start selling iPods and, more notably, Asus EEE PC’s as the retailer is grasping for higher holiday sales. The iPods are going to be in their own little iPod boutique that is sure to be decorated in novel all white fashion.

The EEE ultra portable notebooks will range between four models and be priced-out at $269 for Linux model and $299 for the Windows option. Open Office comes standard on the Linux EEE PC, while Microsoft Office is understandable loaded on the Windows model. Who knows if parents will feel comfortable buying a EEE PC from the same retailer that sold them a Big Wheel, but having another national retailer pimping the EEE PC is great news for geeks more comfortable purchasing in a brick and mortar store.