In marketing, Obama is like Nokia while McCain is like Apple


When you think about Barack Obama what words come to mind? Change? Hope? Socialism? What about John McCain? Maverick? Strength? Bush?

Well, according to one market research firm, Synovate, Obama is to Nokia as McCain is to Apple. But of course!

It goes like this: Obama’s campaign has focused on linking “his” issues—the economy, education, why the Iraq war was a waste of time and money—to you, the voter. It’s all about, in the words of Synovate, “you, you, you.” That, apparently, is just like Nokia, whose marketing focuses on its key attributes rather than the Nokia brand, per se.

Compare that to McCain, whose campaign has been more about himself—I’m a war hero (five-and-a-half-years!), I’m not “that one,” etc.—than anything else. It’s more like, “ooh, look at me,” which, in Synovate’s view, is more along the lines of how Apple does business.

In summary, Obama = Nokia and McCain = Apple.

Well, Nokia sure must happy with that comparison.