HearWhere Lets You Discover Live Music In Your Neighborhood

Bootstrapped by Pete Field and based out of Whistler, B.C., Canada, HearWhere is a search engine for live music which was launched in May 2008 but has managed to stay largely under the radar.

The live-performance search engine claims to list over one million music shows. The service tells you who is playing nearby, but also plays the associated music, and subsequently links to the artist’s MySpace page. You can add widgets from artist pages and redistribute them to your accounts on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Netvibes, and other places thanks to a nifty integration with Clearspring. It’s unclear how Field plans to make money from the service, but he will likely try and a combination of advertising and affiliate revenue from mp3 and ticket sales.

The search bar on top lets you filter live music by genre (this won’t work if you’re using Safari or Chrome), date and location. The site auto-detects your geographical location and customizes the listings when you visit. This type of service obviously also belongs on mobile devices, yet for whatever reason Field has pulled the iPhone-compatible version offline.

If you’re into live music, you might want to check out the site. Comparable services include Gig Junkie, JamBase, Madtown Lounge and BandsInTown.