Good news? Cox Communications to become a wireless (read: cellphone) provider next year

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We’ll soon have another wireless provider to be annoyed with. Cox Communications—yes, the cable company—plans to enter the wireless game next year piggybacking on on Sprint’s network; it will launch its own 3G network, sans Sprint, before the end of 2009. (It’s also moving toward its own 4G, using LTE, network, but that’s a further out.)

Cox is moving into this arena in order to compete with the likes of AT&T and Verizon, two companies that have diversified their operations: AT&T with U-verse and Verzion with FiOS.

And now I ask, how does Cox rate? We’ve all heard the Comcast horror stories, and I’ve only used Cablevision and Time Warner, so I’ve not idea how Cox operates.

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