MySpace Tests Profile 2.0 With Drag And Drop Interface

MySpace continues to clean up the look and feel of its site with the launch of a new profile and editor. It’s not ready for mainstream U.S. use yet, so they’ve unleashed it on Canadian users for testing (anyone can try it out though, see below).

This is the next stage in their ongoing effort to make the site more usable for people who aren’t comfortable with a no-rules, add-your-own-html interface. In June they launched the first part of MySpace 2.0, which reduced clutter on the site significantly.

The new changes give users much more control over their profile. Instead of having to add html and Javascript to the site directly, or using third party profile editors like SnapLayout, users can simply view their profile in a Flash tool that lets them set a variety of templates, drag and drop modules, and customize the site. Users can also set each specific module’s privacy so that only certain groups of friends see it, so work friends can see a different site than college buddies.

I’ve been trying out the new tool, you can see my MySpace page here.

You don’t have to be Canadian to try out the new profile and editor. Just visit MySpace Canada directly and sign in. You’ll see a link to try the new Profile 2.0 on the home page. Just a note – it won’t work with IE6.