Ralph Lauren launches an iPhone application. Anyone care?

Proving that not everything needs to be made into a mobile application, Ralph Lauren has released a free iPhone application. No matter where you are, you can look at Ralph Lauren clothes. Can you buy them via the application? Er, no. Does it allow you to read those QR codes Ralph Lauren started putting in ads a few months back? Nope.

What it does do:
• Video highlights from the Fall 2008 runway show
• Go behind the scenes with the Backstage Pass photo gallery, full run-of-show video and Lookbook feature
• A look ahead to the Spring 2009 runway show (full set of features, videos, and exclusive photography)
• Domestic and international store locators
• A rare look at the artist at work through the short film “Portraits of a Collection,” narrated in part by the designer himself

In other words, nothing that couldn’t be done just as well through a web site. It even looks like a web site, straying about as far from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and UI standards as possible.