Wireless HDMI devices delayed six months [UPDATE]

belkin (Small)

It’s gonna be a long, cold, dark, cord-filled winter for those of you waiting for wireless HDMI devices from the likes of Belkin (FlyWire shown above) and Monster Cable. Electronic House is reporting that the technology’s not quite there yet. An unidentified owner of an A/V store in Manhattan told EH the following:

“HDMI is not perfected yet. I was eagerly awaiting shipments from both Monster and Belkin but I understand there have been more difficulties in getting various products to talk to each other in this fashion.”

It was thought that Belkin would reveal ready-for-market devices at CES in January this year but company spokesperson Melody Chalaban says that Belkin is “now planning a spring launch and expect it to be perfect then.” Monster is expected to reveal its devices sometime in the second quarter of next year.

UPDATE: Apparently the FlyWire devices from Belkin will be available in late January, so that’s a good sign. Melody Chalaban sent over an e-mail saying the following:

“Just saw your post about FlyWire being delayed.  Yes, it’s been delayed due to compliance issues, and it will be available late January 2009.  I was misquoted in the original post from Electronic House.”

So that’s late January, not a spring launch as originally reported. Sorry for the mix-up.