Moblyng Lets You Build Slideshows On Your iPhone

Moblyng, the company formerly known as FlipTrack that is focused on taking Flash-based slideshows to mobile platforms, has released an application on Apple’s App Store that allows users to create entertaining slidesshows from their iPhones. You can check out the application here.

The free application includes a handful of skins, themes, and effects that can be placed on top of each photo. Creating a slideshow is very intuitive: after selecting which photos you’d like to use (they can be taken from the iPhone’s library or you can snap new ones using the camera), you pick a border, an effect (which include Antique and Zoom), and the slideshow’s speed. The options are fairly limited at this point, but they work well – I was able to create a good looking slideshow in less than two minutes. Slideshows can be shared to Friendster and MySpace via Flash widgets, and can also be sent to mobile phones as SMS messages with links to mobile-friendly videos of the slideshows that work even if the phone doesn’t support Flash.

Beyond its iPhone app, Moblyng helps convert Flash slideshows found on MySpace and other social networks to mobile-friendly movies and photographs. The site also has an increasingly popular mobile site at that features basic games and widgets.

Similar applications to the Moblyng iPhone app include Kyte Producer and Pixelpipe.