Games2Win Launches Game Curry, A Search Engine For Flash Games

India-based company Games2Win has flown largely under the radar of the American press, but has managed to established itself as one of the web’s fastest growing gaming sites in less than a year. The company was founded by entrepreneur Alok Kejriwal along with seasoned gaming professional Mahesh Khambadkone in June 2007, and now counts around 6 million monthly users with a worldwide distribution.

The company has taken a multipronged to approach to tackling the casual gaming market, offering a portal at Games2Win with a large library of Flash games, as well as advertising technology that the company licenses out to other Flash developers. Today the site is further expanding its reach by launching a search engine for Flash games across the web dubbed Game Curry.

The two cofounders say that while there are countless Flash games on the web, it can often be difficult to find a particular game that you’re looking for, as game aggregators only have a small sampling of what’s available. With Game Curry, the site has created an index of games across all of these gaming sites, which users can search through by keyword. In search results each game is presented with a thumbnail, along with a link to the site it is found as well as comments and ratings left by other Game Curry users. When you click on one of the games you’re taken to the original content holder’s site alongside a Game Curry sidebar for further searching (the site isn’t scraping the games).

While I can see the use for a search engine for Flash games, I’m not convinced that it will be much more helping than a traditional listing of games arranged by category – there simply won’t be too much variation in what people are looking for. And beyond popular titles like “Tennis”, “Dress-up”, or “Pong”, many game names are totally made up, making them difficult to search though. That said, as the rankings flesh out and if game creators do a better job with labeling their games I could see the engine having more utility.

Even if Game Curry doesn’t work out as well as Games2Win is hoping, the company is still doing well for itself. Games2Win’s main focus is on developing Flash games. The company employs a team of 45 developers, who churn out games at a rate of around 16 per month (the site now has a catalog of over 170 games). Some of these games are distributed to other sites (for example, some Games2Win games are regularly seen on Addicting Games.

Beyond its own games, Games2Win has developed an advertising technology called inviziads. Because many Flash games are scraped from their original site and posted elsewhere, they can be difficult to monetize with traditional banner ads. Games2Win has built an ad wrapper for games that allows developers to get paid for their game regardless of where it appears on the web.